No. We do hold campaign funds. If you don’t feel comfortable with this we recommend trying out flipstarter.cash. They offer a non-custodial option. The folks at flipstarter have spent a lot of time on this project and are very helpful.
We charge 0% of funds raised. We had a 5% fee and it has been removed temporarily at the request of the community. We will revisit this in a few months.
We don’t want to moderate this platform, but some people just want to watch the world burn.
We reserve the right to remove nefarious campaigns and seize funds from those nefarious campaigns at our discretion.
Anybody in any location. We don’t place restrictions on who can use our platform. This is the benefit of using BCH.
We won’t hold any funds ransom to collect any data other than what is required at signup.
There is no FIAT involved, just BCH. We see no reason this should be an issue.
  • Logged in users - Donate with Badger and your name/avatar will be shown in Last Donors tab

  • Anonymous - Any user can click ‘Pay’ and receive the BCH address to send donations. They will appear as Anonymous after one confirmation on the BCH blockchain.